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BR Casting is well… Pretty old. Twenty-four years old on the 20th of May 2016 … But that hasn’t stopped Benedict Roumega (founder) and her
associates from constantly re-inventing her company.

Ranging from fashion, cars, beauty, food/drink
products, banking, insurance, hardware & perfumes to music videos &
documentaries. We could go on and on, but we don’t want to brag.

At our studio, no product’s unfamiliar. We don’t provide a hoo-haa
service, we present only the best hand-picked cast of the finest artists to deliver specifically to the clients brief.  We
dislike mass castings with a passion!

Benedicte and her team are creative, on the ball thinkers that are
dedicated to finding the perfect face (even if we have to stalk them) to represent the product or brand being advertised and hey…
South Africa has a variety of friendly faces!

Because we’ve been operating for 21 years, our clients aren’t referred
to as well… clients. Both sides have built up enough trust to be called


We understand that clients and artists have needs and we sort this out
with careful negotiation and a nice glass of wine (kidding).

The following directors have had the pleasure of working with BR’s team:

Luc Besson
Janusz Kaminski
Quentin Tarantino
Jean-Pierre Roux
Tony Kaye

& to carry on boasting we’ve also cast for all 6 of the Cannes Lions
2001 Grand Prix award winning series of commercials for Fox sports
television channels, produced by TRACTOR & co-produced by Cape
Direct. We’ve also done over 50 feature films (bam!)